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Extra House Favour

This script was created to help automate 100% house favour in any house on Old School RuneScape. Extra House Favour is one of the only scripts of its kind across all botting platforms and is exclusive to the OSBot client. This is also one of the few scripts on the market that can be used to add variation when botting and can help people who are looking to give their account(s) a break from skilling/money-making.

Extra House Favour completes the tedious tasks that are required to unlock the benefits of each Zeah house. Each house offers various rewards that can only be accessed after a certain house percentage is reached.

Arceuus House

  • From 0% to 100% the script collects books and delivers them to NPCs.


  • Empty Inventory


  • Talk to Veos
  • Collect Books
  • Use Arcane Knowledge Books
  • Lock in 100% House Favour

Hosidius House

  • From 0% to 5% the script will plough the fields. See requirements.
  • From 5% to 100% the script can create sulphurous fertilizer. See requirements.
  • Although collecting saltpetre isn't required and it can be purchased from the grand exchange, the bot will also collect saltpetre. In the event you don't have a shovel, the bot will collect a free shovel at the saltpetre pits.


  • Hammer or 1gp to plough the fields
  • In order to create sulphurous fertilizer your bank must have compost. It is recommended to buy compost from the farm shop in Hosidious. Alternatively you can buy compost packs which provide 100 compost once opened.


Piscarilius House

  • From 0% to 15% the script will repair fishing cranes. See requirements.
  • From 15% to 30% the script can collect fish and deliver them to Frankie. See requirements.
  • From 30% to 100% the script can collect sand worms on the beach. See requirements.


  • To repair fishing cranes the player must have a crafting level of at least 30
  • The player must also have at least 3 planks per crane and any type of nails
  • Only original planks work to repair the cranes
  • To collect fish the player must have a fishing level of at least 15
  • To collect sand worms the player must have a hunter level of at least 15


Lovakengj House

  • The script will mine sulphur to 100% house favour
    • Will drop every 5 sulphur
    • The script will move away from a cloud and set a timer for 1500 seconds, if after moving the script is still in a cloud it will randomly move positions again.
    • Rotates sulphur pits if there is no sulphur to be mined
    • Continues task upon death (does not pick up items and will stop if you lose the fundamental items)
    • Safety implementations: In most cases the script would rather heal in order to stay alive rather than perform the next task


  • Requires 42 mining to mine sulphur
  • Requires food because the cloud damage can build up over time. It is recommended to have a food that can heal you to max health as it is better to be safe than sorry.

Lovakengj Bot Automation


  • Recommended at least 20 health points healing at 60 - 70% health
  • It is recommended to turn off NPC dismissal to avoid interfering with healing. Especially at lower levels.
  • It is recommended to have a high value pickaxe and low value food so that in the event if the bot dies it can just run back to Lovakengj and continue


Shayzien House

  • The script will heal wounded soldiers


  • Empty inventory



Version 0.2 Beta

This is the current version being worked on to figure out bugs and improvements before the launch

Version 0.1 Beta

This version was released for Beta Testing on April 24th, 2020.

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